Linksert plugins 

Are you a website owner, blog writer or hobby journalist with Twitter, Facebook and Google+ being a second nature to you? Do you generate online content that users are eager to consume?

Congratulations! Linksert now provides you with an easy, non-obtrusive way how you can monetize your content – on whatever platform you create or share it.

And best of all: Forget those annoying banners. Forget text ads. Your users won't even realize that you finally found a way to make money from your passionately crafted content.


Chrome, Safari & Firefox


WordPress blog



Transform links directly in your browser with Linksert's Chrome, Safari or Firefox plugin. They will be automatically linked to your account.


We have a plugin ready for your WordPress backend that takes care of everything.


Coming soon: Run a busy forum? Our plugin converts all existing links into monetized ones. 


Get paid

Paypal support


Earn more with us than you would on your own

We believe Paypal is the best and easiest way to transfer money via the internet. Hence, we are using it to transfer the amount of cash you earned as fast as possible to you.



As we operate on a larger scale we get higher commissions from online shops. We are forwarding this extra cash directly to you!




There are online shops out there that don’t track, don’t convert or don’t pay commission you earned. Linksert does!

Great analytics


Identify your best links

Since we aggregate all information on our website, you can track all clicks, conversions, and so more money in your user account!


Since every transformed link is visible in your user account, you can easily identify those links which are performing best.



Your Privacy is very important to us!

Did we mention we have Swiss roots? Switzerland is known for the respect and upholding of privacy. We at Linksert believe that everyone's internet habits are their personal concern and only they should decide who sees which personal information. We will thus keep your information secure from all unwanted eyes and protect it as best as possible.